...did you know: Every hose test is wasting several thousand gallons of water for each fire station

The FirehoseCARE conviction is : 200 Gallons is more than enough
to test every fire hose of your fire station. Our patent pending
system uses the precious liquid again until your entire fire hose
has been tested!

FirehoseCARE provides:

- Annual Service Pressure Test per NFPA 1962 standard, latest edition
- Hose testing directly in or at your fire station, no special test area is needed
- Identification number assigned using a barcode or RFID on each coupling and redundant marking on the hose jacket
- Inspect outer jacket, inner liner, couplings and threads
- Gasket inspections and replacement as required
- Computer controlled automatic testing procedure without risks
- Packing and repacking service including database records for hose, appliances and apparatus
- Lubrication of couplings using fire hose manufacturer approved 100% silicone lubricant
- Lubrication of all apparatus connection points

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